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We offer a full line of plate-glass vanity mirrors cut to any size required at our Trade Road facility along with pre-cut oval mirrors and beveled mirrors that will add elegance to any bathroom.
We offer Moen Mirror Scapes for your custom framing needs.
  • Fabricated at CIP
  • Bevelled oval and octagon mirrors in stock
  • 1/4" polished edge mirrors fabricated on site
  • Standard sizes or custom built
  • Beveled mirrors available by order
  • Custom table tops available by order

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Explore our non-framed mirrors:
non-framed mirrors non-framed mirrors non-framed mirrors non-framed mirrors non-framed oval  mirrors
Explore our Mirror Scapes products by Moen:
Mirror Scapes 1000 Mirror Scapes 2000 Mirror Scapes 3000 Mirror Scapes 4000 Mirror Scapes 5000
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